is the spirit of the river. It gives and sustains life without asking for a return. It includes everything along its course to the sea without judgment. The flags, music, dance and food we create and offer will be our gifts from the rivers and to the rivers, a gesture to show our respect, gratitude and efforts as the rivers’ friends and stewards. 

Final Project:

“The Kinship of Rivers:” a multi-media installation in collaboration with writers, photographers, sculptors, composers, and filmmakers who have traveled along the Mississippi and Yangtze. There’ll be sculptural installations with gifts, objects, stories and sounds we’ve collected from both rivers, river flags, gifts and found objects from both continents, photos, and a multi-screen video installation with images, words, music from all the artists in the group. The theme will be interconnections of the rivers, land and people between the Yangtze and the Mississippi. The installation will be exhibited in Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and hopefully, in China and around the world. In addition, a film will be made
 documenting the project from the preparation stage to the final exhibition.

Use these interactive maps to view where the gifts from the rivers are from:

The Mississippi Headwaters

The Mississippi from St. Paul to New Orleans

River Flags

Yangtze River Trip

The Yangtze River

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Mount Everest: a poem by Wang Ping from Robb Harriss on Vimeo.

Mount Everest, a poem by Chinese poet and author Wang Ping, Professor of English at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota