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*All works related to the Yangtze and Mississippi, including their tributaries, people, animals, plants, etc., are welcome, but not all can be published. A committee will make final decisions about what goes on the site.

Categories for Submission: -Photos -Writings (short stories, poems, and memoirs) -Music (mp3 files or video links) -Videos (should not be dance or music) -Dance (videos)
-Art & Prints (images of paintings, sculptures, etc.)

-Attach all files to email, including writings (do not imbed in email text)
-Please submit writings in PDF format only
-Images should be approximately 600 x 350 pixels -Please include name and location
-If you are in school, let us know what grade you are in -River Categorization; specify which river the piece is for and if applicable which part of the river. If you do not specify, your piece will be considered a tributary.
*Mississippi: tributaries, upper reaches (Itasca, MN to Cairo, OH) or lower reaches (Cairo, OH to New Orleans, LA)
*Yangtze: tributaries, headwaters, three gorges dam or delta
-Specify which art category you are submitting to
-We will not edit submissions we receive in any way, please have the attached file as you would like it to appear on the website, personal contact info and specifications about your submission should appear in your email only, we upload documents directly from submissions
-If you would like to have a bio or copyright notice with your piece, please include it in the attached file at the bottom of your work, we do not have the room to do it elsewhere on the site for you

-When you email a submission, you will automatically be added to our email list, you will receive notifications mainly about events, you may request to be removed from this list at any time -You will receive a notification if your work has been chosen for the website. Please check the site periodically to view your piece. If you do not hear from us, we encourage you to send new work for consideration

Terms of Use

Terms of Use & Submission:
The Kinship of Rivers project creates a kinship between people and places by sharing stories, music, art and other media from all voices. Contributions and collaborations are essential to its success. If you would like to submit a piece; be it writing, a photograph, or anything else, please read through and agree to the terms outlined below:

By emailing us a submission for the website you automatically enter into an agreement with the Kinship of Rivers Project that you will abide by all terms. If there are any changes made to this contract, you will be notified by email and can withdraw any work you’ve posted should you not agree to the new guidelines at that time.

Copyrights & Licenses: 
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If you are interested in using any works by Wang Ping from the website in a way not allowed by the Creative Commons license you may email us at with your request, any of these conditions may be waived with the permission of the copyright holder. If you are interested in the work of another artist who has work posted on the site, you must contact them directly for permission and inquiry into any copyrights they may hold.

This site is a hub for artistic expression, and is not restricted by any age limitations. There may be content which you find objectionable, but by using the site you agree to bear all risks associated with it. You also agree that the Kinship of Rivers Project is under no circumstances liable for loss or damage in consequence of posted content.

We would like to include names, ages (for children) and locations with published works to show the diversity of this project. Any information you include with a submission can be used publicly on the website. You must state if there is anything you wish to be kept private, this includes last names and occupations. Please be specific.

Creative Commons License
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