Members Involved in the Project (on-going) represent people from communities along the rivers--professional artists, students of all ages and all friends of the rivers.

Artists, Interns, Volunteers

Wang Ping:Executive artist and director for KOR project
Bruce Bolon:Composer
David Brinks: Choctaw poet, curator
Gordon Coons:Artist and printmaker
Heid Erdrich: Ojibwee Poet
Lise Erdrich: Ojibwee writer and artist
Ruthann Godollei:Artist and printmaker
Becky Heist:Choreographer
Carleton Macy:Composer
Peiju Liu Picard:Tea ceremony educator
Lisa Steinmann:Development and education specialist
Lucy Steinmann:Web master for
Denise Sweet:Poet
Yeshi: Tibetan lama
Will Steger: explorer and environmentalist
Nari Ward: sculpture installation
Randall Thoresen: NPS Outdoor Recreation Planner, Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program
David Wiggins: manager, Mississippi River National Center
Sean Smuda: photographer, curator
Jenni Brant: ceramic artist and executive director of the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts
Andrei Codrescu
: poet, installation artist, film maker, NPR commentator
Gao Hong: musician and composer
Dan McGuiness: wild life reservation expert
Alison Sommer:
video and photography
Fritz Vandover: musician and IT specialist
Ted Gephart: poet, sailing and navigating expert
Margaret Smith: director of the Great River Road Center, Prescott, WI
Susie Ibarra: composer and percussionist
Prudence Johnson: singer and composer
Christine Willcox: artist
William Meissner: poet and writer
Quincy Troupe: poet
Patricia Smith
: poet
Ariel Lerner: Highland High School
Susan Fredrickson: 6th grade teacher, St. Anthony Park
Leo Lerner: Highland Junior High
Jamie Steinmann: St. Anthony Park Elementary
Debbie Thompson: teacher, Horace Mann
Colleen Fridlund: teacher, Horace Mann
John Kendrick: teacher, Ramsey Junior High
6th graders of Horace Mann Elementary
6th graders of St. Anthony Park Elementary
8th graders of Ramsey Junior High
Senior class from St. Paul Academy
Minghua Chinese Summer School, St. Paul
4th grade class (Ms. Tammy) from Dowling Elementary School, Minneapolis
3rd grade classes from Yinghua Academy, Minneapolis
4th grade classes from L'Etoile du Nords French Immersion, St. Paul
5th grade class (Ms. Tracy) from Anishinabe Academy, Minneapolis

Tressa Versteeg:Writer, web assistant and publicity Intern
Scott Gannis: Writer, web assistant and KOR intern

**Our Facebook group has now reached 1,816 members! Our group supports sharing stories, poems and photos from rivers around the world on our Facebook page, and we welcome all of our members as participants of this journey.

We would also like to mention the many talented artists we have received submissions from for the website:
Quincy Troupe, Sam Hamil, Tyehimba Jess, John Casquarelli, Tim Connelly, Emily Johnson, Timonthy Nolan, Pat Barone, Giuseppe Infante, James Cihlar, Kate Hallett Daton, Ardie Buckholtz Medina, Kathryn Kysar, Oliver St. John, Lois Red Elk, Lisa Steinmann, Mona Abdel-Rahman, Steve Dalachinsky, Daniel Soto, Scott Olsen, Allison Hedge-Coke, Cary Waterman, Quicny Troupe, Denise Sweet, S.T. Scrivener, Marjorie Buettner, Gregory Watson, Roseann Lloyd, MaryAnn Franta-Moenck, Brittain Fleming, Nate Tyler, Mike Finley, Ralph Pennel, Bill Meissner, Donna Fleischer, Georgia Luna Smith Faust, Patricia Kirkpatrick, David Wiggins, Terra Trevor, Richard Broderick, Ariel Lerner, Andrea Jenkins, David Cope, Marne Zafar, John Skalitzky, Jan Walls, Karren LaLonde Alenier, Andrea Wilhelmi, Russ Spencer, James Curcuro, Bina Sarkar Ellis, Marie Fitzpatrick, Ruth Ralston, Adam Stoltman, Gao Hong, Andrei Codrescu, Sean Smuda, Christine Willcox, Honor Woodard, Ruthann Godollei, Lucy Steinmann, Becky Heist, Robert Hannant, Jeff Wright, Marie Williams, Eric John Priestly, James  P Lenfestey, David Bowman, Paul Lobo Portugés, M.G. Stephens, Oliver St. John, Marilyn Kallet, and many more...

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