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Ten Thousand Flags Ten Thousand Wishes for Rivers

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River Flags are the main components of the gifting. Wang Ping and the participating artists have been working closely with the river communities to create river flags as gifts for each other. The river images, poems, stories and local plants are gathered, printed on recycled, biodegradable fabric, strung together to create colorful, kinetic art, then installed along the Mississippi and Yangtze. As these flags flutter in the wind, they release hope and good wishes from the river communities into the world. We have been traveling with these gifts, installing them along the riverbanks, spreading love and peace through the wind, soaking up new energy from the rivers, places and people, thus blessing and blessed. In 2013, a team of artists, musicians, dancers and students will travel to the Yangtze with these flags, offering them as gifts from the Mississippi river communities. We will also make new flags with the people along the Yangtze. Finally, these flags will flutter at the source of the Yangtze, Tibet. Our wishes for peace and harmony and clean water will spread to the whole world from the roof of the earth.