Mississippi River

Mississippi River Flags 

River Flags are the main components of the gifting. Wang Ping and the participating artists have been working closely with the river communities to create river flags as gifts for each other. The river images, poems, stories and local plants are gathered, printed on recycled, biodegradable fabric, strung together to create colorful, kinetic art, then installed along the Mississippi and Yangtze. 

Macalester College Saint Paul Oct 2014

Anishinabe Academy Minneapolis May 2012

Dowling Elementary School Minneapolis April 2012

L'Etoile Du Nord French Immersion May 2012

St. Paul Academy Upper School Nov. 2011

Yinghua Academy Chinese Immersion. May 2012

St. Anthony Park elementary School St. Paul March 2011

Horace Mann Elementary  May 2011

Ramsey Junior High  April 2011

Minghua Chinese Summer School, St. Paul July 2011

Harriet Island Eco-Arts, St. Paul, May 2012

WaterFest at lake Phalen, St. Paul June 2012

Wang Ping's Flags 2011

Wang Ping Flags

Iowa State University 2013

Iowa State University

Lisa Steinmann's Flags 2012Harmony Park 2015Mississippi River Ballet 2015Fort Snelling 2015Baker Reservation 2015New Orleans Led By Nancy Chris 2015Steel Pen Festival Indiana Fall 2015Interact Center for Visual and Performing Art 2015
Itasca Headwaters of the Mississippi MN Fall 2011

Stone Arch Bridge No.1 Lock & Dam with Solstice River Dance June 2012

Will Steger Foundation Ice Ball Installation Feb.2011

All My Relations Art Gallery Workshop May 2011

Northern Spark: Megalopolis Mississippi Riverboat May 2011

We Are Water River Flags 2014

Soap Factory, Oct. 2011
Bruce Vento 2012

Bruce Vento

Open Eye Theater Minneapolis April 2011

Reimagine America, ACM, Macalester College Oct. 2011

Firecrackers St. Louis May 2012

Red Wing 2012

Red Wing

St. Louis: Confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi May 2012

St. Louis 2012

St. Louis

Cahokia Mound, IL May 2012

National Great River Museum, Alton IL May 2012

Cairo: Confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi, May 2012

Choctaw Island,Confluence of the Arkansas & Mississippi, May 2012

New Orleans, LA, May 2012

The End of the Bird's Feet,
Venice, LA, May 2011

Venice 2012


KHN Nebraska City 2012 


Naropa Summer Writing Workshop, Boulder, June 2012

Morro Bay, UCSB, CA, March 2012

Downstream: Reimagine Water, Emily Carr University, March 2012

Solon Spring to Prescott Along the St. Croix, July 2011

Prescott: Confluence of St. Croix & Mississippi 2012

Prescott Seniors 2011

Franconia Sculpture Park, MN June 2012

 San Antonio: Pace Foundation & San Antonio River Association April 2012